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    partnership 2023 Nordics mental health

    20 mental health innovators were mindfully selected for the Next in Mind incubator program

    After an extensive selection process, Reach for Change, The Inner Foundation, and the Tim Bergling Foundation now reveal the 20 Nordic social entrepreneurs who are selected to the new incubator program Next in Mind. Next in Mind will invest in and support solutions for mental health for emerging adults, aged 18-29. They will all receive an initial investment of 300,000 SEK and in depth business development support until the end of 2025.

    partnership 2023 Nordics mental health

    Reach for Change, The Inner Foundation, and the Tim Bergling Foundation are launching a collaborative initiative aimed at supporting improved mental health for emerging adults in the Nordics.

    This initiative, known as "Next in Mind", is launched on World Mental Health Day and will provide support to social entrepreneurs currently offering innovative solutions for the target group of emerging adults (aged 18-29) across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Social entrepreneurs will receive both funding and business development coaching with the aim of increasing their reach and impact.

    ghana education partnership impact

    IT for children in Ghana

    Living in Ghana while pursuing work within the political, academic, and development fields since 2012, Torsten Kjellgren has an incredible appreciation for the learning gaps among children in rural Ghana, particularly in Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT). This led him to establish IT For Children - a non-profit organization that provides daily free-of-charge access to computers, the internet, and high-quality ICT education for children in rural communities.

    ghana education partnership

    Reach for Change and the Jacobs Foundation announce the finalists of the collaborative support program in Ghana

    Today, Reach for Change and the Jacobs Foundation are proud to announce and showcase ten social entrepreneurs who have the potential to positively influence the education system in Ghana. The finalists will join a customized support program to strengthen their innovative solutions in order to improve educational outcomes for children and youth in Ghana.

    Sweden partnership SDG16

    Tele2 expands their collaboration with Reach for Change

    Tele2 has worked together with Reach for Change for over 10 years, improving the lives of 4.3 million children and youth through direct support to social entrepreneurs and their organizations. This collaboration is now being expanded in line with Tele2's ambition to be a leader within sustainability and Reach for Change's global impact goal of reaching 30 million children and youth by 2030.

    partnership SDG16

    Reach for Change and ChromaWay to make blockchain more inclusive and accessible for social entrepreneurs

    Reach for Change and ChromaWay are now joining forces to accelerate the speed towards Agenda 2030 with blockchain technology. The partnership will focus on the mission to combine the potential of blockchain and local social entrepreneurship to create a better world for children and youth.

    expertise partnership Ethiopia

    Reach for Change and IKEA Foundation to support young people in Ethiopia to start green businesses

    The IKEA Foundation is investing 1 million US dollars in Reach for Change to support and develop green entrepreneurship and green jobs in Ethiopia. In total, the project will educate 360 young people in entrepreneurship and support 60 green solutions to develop into sustainable green businesses.

    ghana education partnership SDG16

    Reach for Change and the Jacobs Foundation invests in educational social entrepreneurs in Ghana

    On the 24th of February Reach for Change and the Jacobs Foundation have launched a two-year support program that envisions to positively influence the educational system in Ghana.

    expertise partnership SDG16

    Partnering for change with Kivra and Hogia

    Cross-sector partnerships are key to accelerate the speed towards Agenda 2030. If we combine our strengths the actions and initiatives will be much stronger and more sustainable.