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  • Reach for Change and the Jacobs Foundation invests in educational social entrepreneurs in Ghana

    On the 24th of February Reach for Change and the Jacobs Foundation have launched a two-year support program that envisions to positively influence the educational system in Ghana.

    This collaborative initiative will support local social entrepreneurs in education to strengthen their innovative solutions, in order to improve educational outcomes for more children. 


    Several initiatives, including private and public efforts have attempted to tackle many aspects of our educational challenges in Ghana. We believe that the solution to our educational challenges lay in creating a solid foundation of evidence based educational solutions which have a track record of measured social impact consistently over a period of time. It is in this regard that we are seeking to offer tailored research based support and access to the Jacobs Foundation network, partnerships and resources in order to help refine these solutions and prepare them for replication throughout the country.

    Solomon Twum, Country Manager Ghana, Reach for Change

    The Ghanaian educational system continues to face several challenges despite noteworthy progress in recent decades. Many children still achieve poor educational outcomes and over half a million children are not enrolled in primary school - a problem which disproportionately affects girls and children with disabilities. While many current social entrepreneurs in Ghana strive to innovate and create effective education solutions, they are facing a number of common challenges affecting their development and scaling, such as limited access to funding, political barriers within the education sector, difficulties in measuring and proving their impact, and a need for stronger strategic leadership within their organizations.

    Jointly with Reach for Change, we are thrilled to support education-focused social entrepreneurs in Ghana in strengthening the positive impact of their solutions. We also want to leverage our networks and resources to provide social entrepreneurs a platform to amplify their reach and inspire other education stakeholders in Ghana and beyond.

    Laura Metzger, Co-Lead of the Learning Minds Portfolio at the Jacobs Foundation

    The collaboration with the Jacobs Foundation will create a tailored support program that meets the specific needs of the social entrepreneurs and their organization's development journey. The partnership will support the development of new learning models, leadership pathways and global networks. The selected social entrepreneurs will also receive grant funding to execute their solutions.