Svensk Insamlingskontroll - 90-account 

Reach for Change has a 90-account, which means that we comply with the requirements of Svensk Insamlingskontroll (Swedish Fundraising Control) regarding fundraising policies and processes as well as how funds are used. 


Giva Sverige’s Quality Code

Reach for Change is a member of Giva Sverige (The Swedish Fundraising Association), a trade organization that works to ensure transparency and ethical standards in fundraising. As members, we comply with Giva Sverige Quality Code, which sets out best practice for governance of charitable organizations including internal controls that must be in place. The code is comprehensive and covers an organization's operations from a broad perspective with the aim of building sustainable and transparent structures with good internal control and governance. Reach for Change conducts a bi-annual external audit to verify that Reach for Change complies with these requirements, and publishes an annual Impact Report that verifies and highlights progress made towards our long-term impact goals. In this way, our partners can feel safe that our governance standards are in line with industry best-practice.

External audit and control

In line with Reach for Change statutes, the Board of Trustees administration of the foundation is to be examined every year by an authorized auditor who is then to provide an annual audit report. In addition to auditing the yearly financial report, this annual external audit also takes into account our internal controls and processes as part of their review. As required by Swedish law we further submit the audited annual report to the county administrative board of Stockholm every year.