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    Social innovation for mental health

    On the 10th of October, we are gathering social innovators, investors, experts, policymakers, and youth voices for an insightful online discussion on the actions and innovations we need in order to revolutionize the mental health system in the Nordics.

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    New Search & Selection in Sweden

    Do you have an idea that makes a difference for children and youth?

    We support entrepreneurs from idea to reality! Apply today or latest 12/10.

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    About us

    We choose change

    Change can be scary and uncomfortable, but it can also be incredibly rewarding and lead to positive growth and progress. We choose change because we believe it will help us to build a better and more sustainable world for ourselves and future generations. It requires courage and a willingness to step outside our comfort zones, but the potential rewards are great. By embracing change, we can become more adaptable, resilient, and empowered to create social impact in the world around us.

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    People behind change

    Unleash the power of social entrepreneurs

    The world is full of remarkable people who carry brilliant solutions to social problems. We empower these people to create a world where all children reach their full potential.

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    Our impact

    Since 2010, we have been empowering local social entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions that improve the lives of children and youth. We aim to tenfold our impact by 2030 and thus minimize inequality, poverty and climate effects around the world.

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    children and youth reached

    Over 1500

    social entrepreneurs supported in our different programs


    of the supported social entrepreneurs are still in business

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    Ecosystem development

    Partnering for Change event series

    Partnering for Change started as an initiative in 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden to gather doers and thinkers from different sectors to discuss and share insights and inspiration about how to work together to solve pressing social issues. Since then we have arranged Partnering for Change events in several of our markets and in different formats.

    Capacity development

    Green entrepreneurship bootcamp and Green innovation Lab, Ethiopia

    A project funded by the IKEA Foundation to inspire and support young people in Ethiopia to start and grow sustainable green businesses. The Green entrepreneurship Bootcamp aims to help 360 young people to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset, develop an interest in the green business sector, and generate ideas for starting a business. The green innovation lab aims to help 60 people to test their ideas and build viable enterprises that protect the planet and offer employment to others.

    WITH IKEA Foundation

    Capacity development

    Scaling readiness for education-focused social entrepreneurs, Ghana

    A capacity development project for social entrepreneurs focused on improving educational outcomes for children and youth. The project will help the social entrepreneurs to improve and gather further evidence on the effectiveness of their solutions and to prepare to scale their interventions.

    WITH The Jacobs Foundation

    Capacity development

    Open the Circle, Bulgaria

    Open the Circle is a multi-sectoral coalition focusing on preventing poverty and social exclusion through local social entrepreneurs. With the Scaling Readiness program, which is part of the initiative, we supported two established social enterprises in order to unleash their potential to scale their social organizations.

    WITH ING Bank

    Featured entrepreneurs

    Meet the people behind the change.

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    Susan Dahlbeck, Sweden

    Healthy Women offers training and social gatherings to improve the physical and mental health of young women in the suburbs.

    Daniel Achamyelew & Yemisrach Sisay, Ethiopia

    Duna Energy solves energy poverty with a stove generating electricity from cooking heat.

    Hamere Mulugeta, Ethiopia

    Nu Chika Enabuka is a centre, where children develop their talents in various creative and artistic works and plant vegetables that are enough to feed the whole family at home. 

    Silvena Hristova & Krasimir Lambov, Bulgaria

    Life with Down Syndrome changes society’s view on children with Down Syndrome through strengthened family bonds. 

    Latest news

    What happens at Reach for Change around the world.

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    Your idea - our support. Looking for new social entrepreneurs to join our Incubator in Sweden

    Our Incubator program in Sweden is open for applications. Social entrepreneurs with ideas that make a difference for children and young people can apply until September 30th. The national outdoor campaign is shown on Clear Channel's digital screens across the country.


    Empowering civil organizations to maximize their impact

    We’re launching a new project which will strengthen the ability of civil society organizations to measure and manage their impact. Until February 2024, with funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers, we’ll collaborate closely with Civic Alliance-Latvia and Social Economy Ukraine. We’ll provide them with the tools and knowledge on how to measure their own social impact, and will empower them to provide trainings and support within impact management for their member organizations.


    Social entrepreneurship in Ukraine: driving social impact in the face of a conflict

    Petro Darmoris, Director at Social Economy Ukraine and Board Member of Social Economy Europe, reflects on the state of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ukraine today, on the role of social entrepreneurship after the Russian invasion and on staying hopeful and driving social impact in the face of a war.


    Scaling ed-tech solutions in Ghana

    Despite significant progress in recent decades, the Ghanaian educational system continues to face several challenges. In our Scaling Readiness program, done in partnership with the Jacobs Foundation, we're equipping 10 outstanding edupreneurs with the resources and skills to strengthen and scale the impact of their ed-tech solutions.

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