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    Industry, innovation and infrastructure Ethiopia
    Bruk Tsehaye

    Biruk, Selamawit & Friends

    Recycling biodegradable waste into organic fertilizer.

    Climate action Ethiopia
    Ewuket Tsegaw & Bamlak Mulugeta


    Motivating individuals and communities through technology and rewards to increase engagement in streamlining plastic waste collection and recycling.

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    Affordable and clean energy Ethiopia
    Maeruf Omer

    Marselam Trading

    Manufacturing of charcoal briquettes from waste crushed charcoals.

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    Climate action Ethiopia
    Siham Kamil

    Rebul Manufacturing

    Recycling waste plastic bottles into fiber textiles.

    Affordable and clean energy Ethiopia
    Tesfaye Mekonnen

    Eco-Paper Manufacturing Partnership

    Producing paper from banana fiber waste, pineapple waste, and waste papers.

    Responsible consumption Ethiopia
    Alemayhu Mulat

    Maleda Crafts

    Recycling discarded materials such as plastic packaging, fabric scraps, etc. into handmade products.

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    Reduced inequalities Ethiopia
    Zinash Hageru Kirub

    Green Sanitary Kit

    Manufacturing breathable and chemical-free sanitary kits from organic cotton.

    Affordable and clean energy Ethiopia
    Yohannes Wasihun & Hoheyat Berhanu

    Husky Energy And Technologies

    Processing coffee husks and any other biomass waste (such as sawdust) into solid biomass fuel called pellets.

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    Gender equality Ethiopia
    Hanan Ahmed Abdi

    Han's With Care

    Manufacturing safe, comfortable, eco-friendly reusable sanitary pads together with raising awareness and providing education.

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    Reduced inequalities Ethiopia
    Bethlehem Ayle & Behailu Seboka

    ASKEMA Engineering

    Producing eco-friendly, organic, and reliable brake pads applicable for all types of vehicles & recycling industrial waste into valuable raw materials.

    Reduced inequalities Sweden
    Charbel Gabro


    Supporting young men in socially deprived areas giving them tools for personal development as well as contributing to a more positive and supportive environment

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    Quality education Sweden
    Yusuf Hussein

    Rise and Shoot

    Opening doors for young creators in the suburbs and contributes to the flourishing of their creative potential through a photography program, activities, and artistic visits

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