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    Accessible education even in the remotest places

    Encouraging children to dare to dream

    Making the voices of young people heard

    Providing security for families fleeing war

    Helping youth leave criminal life behind


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    Decent work and economic growth Ethiopia
    Rahel Hiruy


    Cultivating essential oils, spices and herbs and ensuring the employment of female farmers

    Quality education Ethiopia
    Biruktawit Tigabu

    Whiz Kids Workshop

    Improving the lives of Ethiopian children and youth through cost-effective, age-appropriate and culturally relevant educational media

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    Reduced inequalities Sweden
    Fatma Guettou & Hamid Noroozian

    Watoto Arts

    Creating dolls that represent appearances of all children as well as different family constellations, to promote inclusive play and a future without discrimination.

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    Good health and well-being Sweden
    Muna Idow

    Mermaid Simskola

    Promoting the importance of swimming amongst children and adults increasing self-esteem, safety and their belief in the future.

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    Reduced inequalities Sweden
    Susan Dahlbeck

    Healthy Women

    Offering training and social gatherings to improve the physical and mental health of young women in the suburbs to promote a more equal society.

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    Quality education Sweden
    Jean Charles Cari


    Offering music making for children and youth to increase self-esteem, diversity and integration.

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    Good health and well-being Ethiopia
    Hamere Mulugeta

    Nu Chika Enabuka

    Creating a journey for children and their families in search of the Ethiopian identity that has been concealed through time.

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    Reduced inequalities Ethiopia
    Hiwet Mamo

    Hiwet Music

    Using music to educate children from both affluent and underprivileged communities in Ethiopia with focus from 0 -10 years of age.

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    Quality education Ethiopia
    Enkunesh Azanew

    Bright Start Child Day Care

    Providing quality, holistic and affordable early childhood care and learning center with nutritious food, medical check-ups, foundational learning, and structured and unstructured play for children from low and middle income families.

    Quality education Ethiopia
    Yiknubeh Hailemichael

    Eagle Computer Technology Plc

    Providing computer programming training from grade 2 according to the level of children by preparing their training programs at schools during the weekends.

    Reduced inequalities Ethiopia
    Adane Alemu

    Addis Vision

    Improving the lives of children from low income families and giving them a chance to benefit from education, health, livelihood, and other basic social services and capacity building opportunities.

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    Decent work and economic growth Ethiopia
    Emenet Mersha

    Elillta Products

    Working with both vulnerable women and their children who produce scarves, jewelry and soap in export standard and thus are able to have a decent life and job opportunities.

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