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    The IKEA Foundation

    We always measure and evaluate our impact

    The impact always counts for numerous reasons. When a partnership comes to an end, which it always will at some point, M&E will ensure we bring our learnings with us. This strengthens the outputs and outcomes of new impact partnerships to come. Last but not least: we remember to celebrate the partnership’s successes and the impact created!

    Kivra & Hogia

    We promote a build-measure-learn approach

    We love to co-create. Our innovative partnership approach means that we can pilot, refine, pivot together. Our joint values and impact goals keep us on track, but we always have fun on our journey. Our partnerships give us the opportunity to create experimental playgrounds and a platform for mutual learning.

    The Jacobs Foundation

    We invest in the relationship

    Investing in a partnership means investing in partner relationships. We model open and frequent dialogue and transparency, also when the project plan and deliverables are not progressing as hoped for. Schedule regular touch points, take the time to get to know one another and ask for feedback. Make sure there are handover plans in place, and why not meet socially when possible.


    We work long-term

    Tele2 is one of the founding partners of Reach for Change. Tele2 contributes to the collaboration with a yearly financial investment, practical support and by acting as a sounding board. Tele2 also conducts more operational projects and practical advice in Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and Croatia. In Sweden we have implemented a program for newly arrived and unaccompanied children and young people. During 2022 the collaboration has been developed further, among other things Tele2 now offer their employees to provide support during working hours to social entrepreneurs taking part of our incubator program.


    We allocate necessary resources to make partnerships fly

    We assign project coordinators and steering committees for each project to ensure regular communication with partners. Our complimentary strengths often serve to strengthen execution, let us leverage the skill sets and knowledge we have internally but also be mindful of the time investments. We have seen that continuous joint evaluations, joint communication plans and finding new partners together strengthens the sustainability of the project.


    We get off to a good start

    We have learned that social change takes time, and our partners recognise that this is a long term commitment. Our partnerships are most impactful when we align our expectations, identify realistic project plans and clear deliverables and concrete “return on investments” and agree on our impact goals. Partnerships are strengthened by the different perspectives that partners bring into the cooperation, but are always underpinned by mutual values.

    We are reaching for change together with


    Contact us! 

    We love to co-create and pilot, refine and pivot together based on joint impact goals. Do you want to support us towards our ambitious 2030 goals? Be sure to get in touch with us.

    We are always available at [email protected]