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    Quality education Ethiopia
    Nathan Damtew alumni

    Yenetta Code

    Building a strong and inclusive tech society in Ethiopia by teaching children how to code

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    Reduced inequalities Sweden
    Fatma Guettou & Hamid Noroozian alumni

    Watoto Arts

    Creating dolls that represent appearances of all children as well as different family constellations, to promote inclusive play and a future without discrimination.

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    Quality education Sweden
    Louise Hammarbäck Miranda alumni


    Educating children, coaches and sports clubs in children's rights and physical integrity to prevent sexual abuse. The education is based on the articles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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    Quality education Sweden
    Jenny Sköld & Lotta Bergseth alumni

    Mobile Stories

    Offering a publishing tool that educates young people in media and information knowledge and strengthens their understanding of evaluating information.

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    Good health and well-being Sweden
    Muna Idow alumni

    Mermaid Simskola

    Promoting the importance of swimming amongst children and adults increasing self-esteem, safety and their belief in the future.

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    Reduced inequalities Sweden
    Susan Dahlbeck alumni

    Healthy Women

    Offering training and social gatherings to improve the physical and mental health of young women in the suburbs to promote a more equal society.

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    Decent work and economic growth Sweden
    Nour Habib alumni

    Trygg Rätt

    Inspiring and supporting young people who want to leave a criminal life by guiding them towards safe and meaningful jobs.

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    Reduced inequalities Sweden
    Kassim Nagwere alumni


    Encouraging young people in economically disadvantaged areas to dream big by offering workshops, lectures, homework support and sports and cultural activities.

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    Quality education Sweden
    Jean Charles Cari alumni


    Offering music making for children and youth to increase self-esteem, diversity and integration.

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    Gender equality Sweden
    Rogerio Silva & Shanga Aziz alumni

    Locker Room Talk

    Educating and providing tools for young boys and adults that make it easy to talk about gender equality and attitudes to create a new masculinity.

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    Quality education Ethiopia
    Tsion Kiros alumni

    Midako Publishing

    Producing culturally relevant and inspiring stories that foster creativity, critical thinking and above all love of reading in children.

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    Good health and well-being Ethiopia
    Daniel Tadesse alumni

    Eagle Social

    Spreading awareness, promoting well-being and providing counseling support to victims of child abuse.