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    Decent work and economic growth Ethiopia
    Emenet Mersha alumni

    Elillta Products

    Working with both vulnerable women and their children who produce scarves, jewelry and soap in export standard and thus are able to have a decent life and job opportunities.

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    Good health and well-being Ethiopia
    Tigist Waltenegus alumni

    Erk Maed

    Creating awareness about mental health , helping underprivileged women get treatment and working to uncover the trauma and help a society break free from the pain.

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    Quality education Ethiopia
    Mulugeta Gebru alumni


    Creating a favorable environment for learning and improving the capacity of teachers to deliver quality education.

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    Industry, innovation and infrastructure Ghana
    Torsten Kjellgren & Samuel Gyasi

    IT for Children

    Providing daily free-of-charge access to computers, internet and high-quality ICT education for hundreds of children

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    Quality education Ghana
    Eric Asamoah Awua alumni

    Speech Forces

    Running tailored student programs to improve critical thinking and build confidence among students.

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    Quality education Ghana
    Naa Anyele Perbi alumni

    Perbi Cubs

    Building a transformational learning community for improved literary experience among children, using a combination of in-school programmes and a digital platform with thousands of books accessible to children between age 7 and 12

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    Quality education Ghana
    Edem Torkornoo alumni


    Facilitating the development of participatory reading curricula, providing reading lessons, reading camps, storytime sessions and book clubs for 3 - 12 year olds.

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    Quality education Ghana
    Josephine Marie Godwyll & Martin Bruce alumni

    Young at Heart Ghana

    Offering a virtual learning platform called Ananse Hub, that connects teachers, students (between ages 8 to 12) and parents to context-inspired, practical and experiential learning beyond the classroom.

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    Quality education Ghana
    Elizabeth Patterson alumni

    Girls in Education Initiative

    Providing access to e-readers and reading materials, and organizing school literacy clubs in order to improve digital literacy, reading proficiency, and motivation among girls.

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    Quality education Ghana
    Abba Hughes - Lartey alumni

    Rivers of Blessing Academy

    Providing bilingual (English & French) language training as well as STEAM training for its teachers and pupils in pre-school and primary.

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    Quality education Ghana
    Simeon Martey alumni

    Child Dream Foundation

    Enhancing the reading skills of learners using modern pedagogy with STEM and Life Skills integration to boost the holistic educational development of children in deprived communities.

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    Quality education Ghana
    Linda Ansong alumni


    Encouraging and mentoring more young African women to pursue careers in STEM through workshops, after-school programs, annual camp meetings and community libraries for children between 7 and 12 years.

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