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    Good health and well-being Sweden
    Imad Elabdala alumni


    Kidnovation works with practical tools to provide treatment for trauma through storytelling.

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    Reduced inequalities Sweden
    Natassia Fry & Pegah Afsharian alumni

    Kompis Ungdom

    Kompis Sverige runs a buddy agency that connects young unaccompanied minors and new arrivals with established Swedish youth.

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    Quality education Sweden
    Amir Sajadi & Milad Mohammadi alumni


    Järvaskolan works to create an equal school where every student is inspired to have limitless dreams and is motivated to pursue higher studies.

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    Reduced inequalities Sweden
    Sandra Kinnaman Nordström alumni

    The Good Talents

    The Good Talents is a leadership and social entrepreneurship program for young people, with since 2017 a particular focus on unaccompanied and newly arrived young people. The program aims to give young people the knowledge, tools and networks needed to participate in the local community and enter the labor market.

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    Industry, innovation and infrastructure Sweden
    Sissa Pagels & Louise Lindén alumni

    Young Innovation Hub

    Young Innovation Hub identifies and trains young leaders and role models to build hubs for young entrepreneurship and change work - locally and globally. Through social innovation and start-up methods, young role models and agents of change emerge through the Young Innovation Hub's meeting places and network.

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    Good health and well-being Sweden
    Julia Östfeldt alumni

    Föreningen Tillsammans

    The association works actively to spread knowledge about sexual violence and its consequences through lectures and to share their own stories, the aim is to be able to participate and work to reduce sexual violence by spreading knowledge. The association also has active support work which consists of several different parts. Both support emails with individuals who have been subjected to sexual violence, but the association also has support groups and mentoring programs.

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    Good health and well-being Sweden
    Anne-Sofie Blixt alumni


    Tilia works for and with young people aged 12-30 with mental illness. Through preventive, supportive and opinion-forming work, they create security and hope.

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    Peace, justice and strong institutions Sweden
    Elin Wernquist alumni


    Barnrättsbyrån works with human rights of children and young people. It is Sweden's first open organization devoted to children's rights and which offers individual children and young people practical help, support and advice.

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    Reduced inequalities Sweden
    Gunilla Lundberg alumni

    IT Guide

    IT-guide recruits and hires newly arrived and unaccompanied youth to become IT guides who train seniors in IT, internet and mobile services. At the same time, the young people learn Swedish, gain work experience and develop their strengths.

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    Climate action Sweden
    Lina Lagerbäck alumni

    We Unite Design

    We United Design, founded by Lina Lagerbäck, is an organization where young people design and create study spaces that are engaging, creative and where their voices are represented. We United Design empowers young people to take ownership of their physical surroundings, in an environmentally friendly way

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    Reduced inequalities Sweden
    Elin Lutke & Jailton Carneiro alumni

    Cirkus Unik

    Cirkus Unik combines social entrepreneurship and new circus to create social inclusion, security and opportunities for children and young people to grow in Sweden.

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    Reduced inequalities Sweden
    Madeleine Opira alumni

    A Million Minds

    A Million Minds is a think tank that works to change the conditions and improve faith in the future for young people who live in the million programs.

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