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    Accessible education even in the remotest places

    Encouraging children to dare to dream

    Making the voices of young people heard

    Providing security for families fleeing war

    Helping youth leave criminal life behind


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    Peace, justice and strong institutions Sweden
    Katja Blagodyr

    HUG - Help Ukraine Gothenburg

    Creating a protective place where fear can be transformed into love, and children fleeing the war in Ukraine can find their way back to the safe place we call home.

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    Quality education Sweden
    Jasmin Nasser


    Studiegården offers guidance, coaching, follow-up and close collaboration with everyone around these children and young people in socially and economically disadvantaged areas not reaching the grade requirements in school.

    Quality education Sweden
    Fatima Grönblad

    Världen finns här

    Offers engaging meetings allowing us to meet people who are different from ourselves opening up the possibility to broadening our perspectives and ideas

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    Reduced inequalities Sweden
    Maria Svahn & Josefine Hölling


    Funki offers a set of musical instruments that enable children with intellectual disabilities to play music together, fully, on their own terms and with all children.

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    Good health and well-being Sweden
    Lotta Rapacioli & Emiliya Larsson

    Knas Hemma

    Giving a voice to young people in community care, carrying out advocacy work on their behalf, training in children's rights and empowering children and young people from this group.

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    Reduced inequalities Sweden
    Johanna Abdo

    Elsa och Sam

    Contributing to more inclusive environments for children, by creating and offering inclusive children's products and developing a more diversified focus.

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    Quality education Bulgaria
    Andrey Iliev

    Leader Academy

    Helping youngsters to unlock and develop their career potential by identifying and applying their talents and strengths, finding a suitable internship or starting their own business.

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    Reduced inequalities Bulgaria
    Teodora Krumova

    Amalipe Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance

    Creating opportunities for equal access to education, social and health services for disadvantaged children from minority groups in Bulgaria

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    Quality education Bulgaria
    Alexander Gramatikov & his team

    Mentor the Young

    Promoting and developing mentoring in Bulgaria as a tool for professional, entrepreneurial and personal development of young people.

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    Quality education Bulgaria
    Ivan Atanasov & Yana Avramova

    Monety Academy

    Developing educational products and trainings for children and youth in financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

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    Quality education Sweden
    Nils Holm alumni

    På Rätt Köl

    På rätt köl is a supportive educational concept for students with ADHD & ADD where you combine theoretical subject studies with life coaching and boat building.

    Good health and well-being Sweden
    John Laselle alumni


    Löparakademin helps young people living in Stockholm's suburbs to set and achieve personal goals through long-distance running.

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