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  • Reach for Change, The Inner Foundation, and the Tim Bergling Foundation are launching a collaborative initiative aimed at supporting improved mental health for emerging adults in the Nordics.

    This initiative, known as "Next in Mind", is launched on World Mental Health Day and will provide support to social entrepreneurs currently offering innovative solutions for the target group of emerging adults (aged 18-29) across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Social entrepreneurs will receive both funding and business development coaching with the aim of increasing their reach and impact.

    According to an OECD report, the proportion of emerging adults in the Nordics suffering from mental health challenges is among the highest in all of Europe. The same report indicates that there are twice as many emerging adults in the Nordics suffering from mental health challenges when compared to other age groups in the wider population.

    By investing in knowledgeable and innovative social entrepreneurs, we are contributing to positive individual and societal development in the Nordics and strengthening the mental health of emerging adults. We believe that the most effective way to contribute is to support these social entrepreneurs and collaborate with key stakeholders in society. This collective initiative is aimed at reversing the negative trend in mental wellbeing.

    Annika Sten Pärson, Co-Founder and Chairperson of The Inner Foundation

    Reach for Change, The Inner Foundation, and the Tim Bergling Foundation have come together to invest in and support both for-profit and non-profit social entrepreneurs currently working on mental health solutions. The solutions should be scalable with the aim to reach a significant number of emerging adults in the Nordics and may range from treating mental health issues to methods for prevention and enhancing mental wellbeing. The Next in Mind initiative will also bring together representatives from the private sector, public sector, academia, as well as emerging adults from across four Nordic countries, making it a truly collaborative impact initiative. By uniting several sectors and sources of expertise at the core of the initiative all dimensions of society are represented, thus paving the way for long-term and sustainable change.


    We have supported over 2,000 social entrepreneurs in Europe and Africa, so we understand the power of social entrepreneurship and that there are many solutions out there that can reshape our current systems. As Reach for Change was co-founded by a social entrepreneur and the private sector, these types of partnerships are in our DNA. Therefore, it's exciting to co-create Next in Mind from its inception. Instead of starting from scratch, we want to build on the good work already being done and invest in solutions that exist but need coaching and investment to get to the next stage.

    Sofia Breitholtz, CEO of Reach for Change

    Emerging adults are often a forgotten group when it comes to investments in mental health and wellbeing. That's why we are proud to be a part of Next in Mind, which will make help and support more accessible to them. Through Next in Mind, we further raise awareness about mental health, contributing to removing the stigma and ensuring that more emerging adults reach their full potential. Moreover, the involvement of young adults is crucial, I believe, in understanding the solutions needed and what can truly make a difference.

    Klas Bergling, Founder of the Tim Bergling Foundation.

    The initiative consists of two components:

    Incubator program: focuses on developing and scaling social entrepreneurs with solutions for improved mental health and wellbeing of emerging adults. This program will include - among other elements - coaching to improve their business model, readiness for scaling, impact measurement, and funding strategies.

    Strategic advocacy interventions: will aim at enable entrepreneurs with mental health solutions to successfully expand their operations, be integrated into the public healthcare system, and sell their services to relevant buyers.

    Additional partners and funders for the project include Kavli Trust (Norway) and Illusian (Finland).

    Next in Mind also has several partners that will be contributing with their knowledge and expertise, such as Kinnevik, Northzone, Bain, Eva Ahlström Foundation, Ing Marie Wieselgren Foundation, and Ashoka.

    For additional inquiries, please contact Camilla Svedberg, Head of Communications at Reach for Change.

    Visit the website of the initiative for more information. 

    About the founders of the initiative: 

    Reach for Change
    Reach for Change is a global non-profit organization unleashing the power of local social entrepreneurs in order to create a better world for children and youth. We run capacity development programs supporting social entrepreneurs at all stages of development and also work to improve wider ecosystems for social entrepreneurship. Founded in Sweden 2010, Reach for Change has since supported 2,000 Change Leaders in 18 countries, who in turn have reached 4.7 million children and youth. Learn more www.reachforchange.org   

    The Inner Foundation
    The Inner Foundation is committed to catalyzing a societal transformation by operating at the forefront of human well-being and sustainable impact. Our mission is rooted in driving meaningful change through strategic investments, by supporting proven, powerful, and scalable solutions that increase inner health and strengthen inclusiveness, equity, and diversity in society. Guided by our dedication to the inner health of emerging adults, we unite public, private, and non-profit efforts to make sustainable human development happen. www.theinnerfoundation.org  

    The Tim Bergling Foundation
    Our vision is a society where children and young people feel well, secure, confident and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Those who are still unwell should be offered support quickly. The Tim Bergling Foundation advocates for the recognition of suicide as a global health crisis and actively works to remove the stigma associated with suicide and mental health issues. www.timberglingfoundation.org