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    education news Ethiopia programs

    Empowering Ethiopia’s EdTech Founders: Insights from the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship Immersion Week

    The Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship in Ethiopia brought together 12 pioneering EdTech enterprises committed to transforming educational outcomes for underserved youth across the country.

    education news Ethiopia programs

    Reach for Change kicks off the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship with an Inaugural Cohort of 12 Enterprises

    After an eight-week call for applications, Reach for Change Ethiopia has announced the first cohort of 12 EdTech entrepreneurs who will join the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship.

    education news Ethiopia programs

    The Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship Seeks EdTech Enterprises in Ethiopia

    Reach for Change and the Mastercard Foundation have joined forces to support and scale innovative growth-stage EdTech enterprises, specifically targeting initiatives that enhance inclusive learning in Ethiopia.

    ghana education partnership impact

    IT for children in Ghana

    Living in Ghana while pursuing work within the political, academic, and development fields since 2012, Torsten Kjellgren has an incredible appreciation for the learning gaps among children in rural Ghana, particularly in Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT). This led him to establish IT For Children - a non-profit organization that provides daily free-of-charge access to computers, the internet, and high-quality ICT education for children in rural communities.

    Sweden education change leader story 2023

    Inclusive environments for kids: lessons from a social entrepreneur

    The close environment has a big impact on how children interpret social structures, and how they interact with each other. It’s up to us adults to create an environment that reflect that we’re all equally important. Our Change Leader Johanna Abdo, founder of the Swedish educational brand Elsa och Sam has dedicated herself to creating more inclusive environments for kids. We talked with her about her entrepreneurial journey and the products and impact she’s creating.

    ghana education partnership

    Reach for Change and the Jacobs Foundation announce the finalists of the collaborative support program in Ghana

    Today, Reach for Change and the Jacobs Foundation are proud to announce and showcase ten social entrepreneurs who have the potential to positively influence the education system in Ghana. The finalists will join a customized support program to strengthen their innovative solutions in order to improve educational outcomes for children and youth in Ghana.

    ghana education partnership SDG16

    Reach for Change and the Jacobs Foundation invests in educational social entrepreneurs in Ghana

    On the 24th of February Reach for Change and the Jacobs Foundation have launched a two-year support program that envisions to positively influence the educational system in Ghana.