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  • Through these projects we target social entrepreneurs on different stages of development (from concept to growth stage) to develop effective, sustainable, and scalable solutions. We offer them capacity development support to strengthen three areas (Effective solution, Financial sustainability, Leadership, team and operations), financial support to help them develop and deliver their solution and network to create opportunities for new learnings, partnerships, and funding.


    Green entrepreneurship bootcamp and Green innovation Lab

    A project funded by the IKEA Foundation to inspire and support young people in Ethiopia to start and grow sustainable green businesses. The Green entrepreneurship Bootcamp aims to help 360 young people to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset, develop an interest in the green business sector, and generate ideas for starting a business. The green innovation lab aims to help 60 people to test their ideas and build viable enterprises that protect the planet and offer employment to others.


    Advisory program

    A one-year advisory program for social entrepreneurs in the Danish network, including the support of a consultant from Bain & Co, a special mid-year event and internship week where students work on a specific support need of a social entrepreneur.


    Open the Circle Scaling Readiness

    Open the Circle is a multi-sectoral coalition focusing on preventing poverty and social exclusion through local social entrepreneurs. With the Scaling Readiness program, which is part of the initiative, we supported two established social enterprises in order to unleash their potential to scale their social organizations.


    Scaling readiness for education-focused social entrepreneurs

    A capacity development project for social entrepreneurs focused on improving educational outcomes for children and youth. The project will help the social entrepreneurs to improve and gather further evidence on the effectiveness of their solutions and to prepare to scale their interventions.


    Incubator program in Sweden

    Reach for Change incubator program in Sweden aims to help social entrepreneurs further develop and build their organizations/businesses with the purpose of making life better for as many youths and children as possible. Typically the program works with ten entrepreneurs at a time offering capacity development, connections and publicity opportunities among many things.