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    The journey has started

    We empower scalable and impactful solutions in mental wellbeing for emerging adults

    With rising mental health challenges, a great number of emerging adults struggle to reach their full potential. In fact, no other age group reports as many challenges as 18-29 year-olds while also having a hard time accessing affordable and appropriate support. This we want to change.
    As cultivators of social entrepreneurship, we don’t subscribe to a single cure-all solution to a systemic and multifaceted problem. Instead, we are reaching out to entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, practitioners and emerging adults in a united cross-sector effort to revolutionize mental health support in the Nordics.
    From healing to thriving, from personal to community, we empower scalable solutions and advocacy initiatives that each hold a unique promise to secure emerging adults’ human right to be well. Together, we can create a Nordic-wide revolution in mental wellbeing for emerging adults.

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