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    For whom

    About the Network

    The Baltic Sea Impact Network is a new unique transnational network for peer learning between 50 social entrepreneurs from Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Ukraine. The aim is to help the network's members learn new skills, connect with like-minded peers from neighbouring countries and increase the access of social entrepreneurs to relevant stakeholders.


    By whom


    The project is implemented in partnership between Reach for Change Sweden, Reach for Change Latvia, Social Enterprise Estonia, Social Entrepreneurship Association Latvia and the Lithuanian Social Business Association, supported by the Swedish Institute as part of the Baltic Sea Neighbourhood Programme.

    Each participating organization brings years of experience in supporting social entrepreneurs and has proven its ability to mobilize entrepreneurs and stakeholders at a national level in their respective countries.

    How do we work


    Over the course of 20 months, the members will be guided through a programme of monthly online sessions, alternating between peer learning and expert workshops. In October 2024, all network members will meet in person in Tallinn, Estonia to deepen their connections and find collaboration opportunities.

    The long-term ambition is to formalize the concept of the Network, to invite more funding partners on-board to be able to replicate and expand it across additional markets in the Nordic region and wider Europe.

    Some of the topics

    All session topics are based on the needs and interest shared by members:


    Meet the social entrepreneurs from the Baltic Sea Region who are part of the Network

    Victor Wall

    Återbruket Mobilia provides a testbed in a commercial environment for circular and sustainable enterprises, to develop, test and validate new, green innovations, products and services, as well as a community and professional networking platform for aspiring circularity- and sustainability changemakers.

    Maria Rahamägi

    Edumus Education is a distance learning platform for curricula creators and experts from any field to develop and deliver hybrid courses for high school students. With distance education and Edumus School, students can pick their electives from a wide variety of courses than their local school can offer. Blended courses enable more self-directed learning in terms of time, place and the content. Increased agency increases motivation and learning.

    Susan Dahlbeck

    Healthy Women offers training and social gatherings to improve the physical and mental health of young women in the suburbs to promote a more equal society.

    Linda Dambeniece-Migliniece

    Doopsis is cloth diaper manufacturer with a mission to support and educate parents on green lifestyle. Their main focus is to reduce amount of waste (single-use diapers) deposited in landfills.

    Mariann Lukka

    Low imPACK offers a returnable e-commerce packaging made of recycled textile waste - a major problem in the world. The package can be reused for up to 20 times, helping reduce packaging trash and textile waste. Low imPACK is a green solution with a reasonable price for clothing e-tailers, as the concept was born from the idea on how to close the loop within the fashion industry.

    Oskars Grīslis

    Intelekta attīstības centers are working with children and adolescents to improve their cognitive skills and mental health through group work and individual training. The activities are conducted according to special training methods, using neural activation exercises, as well as cognitive abilities and exercises, based on a holistic approach.

    Ramunė Šliuožaitė

    Lietuvos negalios organizacijų forumas is advocating for people with disabilities in Lithuania to have equal opportunities to participate in all areas of social life - in the education system, the labor market, and public life. They sell products at various events and present work opportunities for people with disabilities.

    Fatma Guettou & Hamid Noroozian

    Watoto Arts is helping kids develop self esteem and empathy through doll play. They design and produce soft fabric dolls that represent all kids. Their dolls come in different skin and hair colors, different disabilities and different family variations, and are made by women from the suburbs.

    Irina Simonova

    Fitlap is fighting with overweight by creating personal online meal plans, and spreading free knowledge about healthy eating by blog posts and webinars. In cooperation with food manufacturers in Estonia ,Fitlap creates healthy, balanced foods.

    Agnė Petronienė

    VšĮ Lyderių karta provides assistance to those going through crises in the family. They help children, especially those with various disorders, and advise parents by psychosocial support services and individual legal advice. They also serve as a community family home by consulting, participating in case reviews, mediating for those who apply for help.

    Jānis Broks

    „Dzīves oāze” provides social care and employment services to vulnerable groups - a day center for children from social risk families, day care center for adults with dementia, group homes for persons with mental disorders.

    Louise Hammarbäck Miranda

    PACS are preventing sexual abuse against children within sports by educating sports clubs stakeholders, trainers and leaders. They also educate children, through our book, in bodily integrity and children's rights to prevent abuse.

    Nida Vildžiūnaitė

    VšĮ Mediapressa" is an NGO in the field of parent education and strengthening the emotional health of mothers. They create various content, including educational magazines, which provide parents with the necessary information, and raise awareness about postpartum depression and its prevention, domestic violence, mothers' rights, equal opportunities in the family,

    Andra Strautiņa

    Es varu empowers community leaders and leaders-to-be by boosting their self confidence and knowledge in order to develop their own social and business ideas. Their main target groups are teachers and students in schools, university students, people with ideas, early stage startups and NGOs.

    Elin Lütke

    Cirkus Unik addresses mental health issues for kids and youth via circus shows, circus workshops for kids, and competence development for teachers. The circus provides a place where a diverse group of children can meet on an equal platform, develop their self-esteem, and nurtures collaboration and inclusion. Their new uses also other forms of arts to promote expression, creativity and more knowledge on mental health.

    Katarina Papp

    RingKarp works towards reducing single use packaging and promoting reusing. They are building a network of restaurants who sell their take away food or drinks in reusables, and raise the awareness about single use.

    Madara Mickeviča

    Centers SEVII create fun and easy games to train emotional and social intelligence skills - self awareness, empathy, communication, self regulation. They produce printed and digital materials - books, methodological materials, master classes, lectures, created by a team of educators, psychologists, therapists, businessmen and parents and provide consultations.

    Anna Lind

    Right by Me supports, educates and strengthens young people with a foreign background aged 14-24 in collaboration with municipalities, companies, and the young people themselves. The goal of the program, which includes activities like sports and preparing a CV, is to increase young people's employment opportunities, physical and mental health and the power to drive change for themselves and in society.

    Anett Kislov

    ResQ Club reduces food waste one portion at a time. For consumers, using ResQ means discovering new restaurants, cafeterias and grocery stores at around 50% discount and creating a more sustainable environment while at it. For partners, every portion sold in ResQ is one wasted portion less and one revenue item more in their bookkeeping.

    Marius Ciuzelis

    M. Čiuželio labdaros ir paramos fondas aims to decrease the loneliness and social isolation of the old age people. Their project „Sidabrinė linija“ (the Silver Line) offers a free of charge befriending and support helpline providing information, friendship and advise to old age people.

    Gunilla Hjelm

    Rag2Rug supports migrant women and other women with unequal access to the labour market with employment opportunities and training. They collect textile that has not been sold at second hand shops and old hotel linen and weave new modern products out of this discarded materias.

    Baiba Blomniece Jurāne

    Barboleta creates an efficient environment for child development. Their pre-school and development centre integrate the innovative Barboleta method to ensure that learning is exciting and easy. Training and individual consultations are offered to specialists and parents.

    Indra Džiojeva- Stulpinienė

    Žvaigždžių slėnis is helping people regain self-confidence, increase resistance of stress, internal balance. They are creating a nature therapy place for different types of services, like camps, events, nature amphitheatre, places for being alone in nature, resting without alcohol.

    Iris Koristin

    Eratunnid OÜ mission is that every child can get success at school and less stress at school and at home. They help parents manage the stress, caused by studying at home with their child, after a tiring day at work. Their teachers help parents in teaching children, including children with special needs (eg ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia), and gifted children.

    Ilona Daukste

    GL Development designs and produces functional clothing and accessories for people with reduced mobility, promoting their better integration into society and improving their quality of life and welfare. Their products are made according to the requirements and needs of people with reduced mobility, and take into account all necessary safety and ergonomic design aspects s that will allow their carers and family members to provide support during outdoor activities.

    Mingaile & Tautvydas Meldaikiai

    Švietimo nuotykiai are striving to create a more inclusive education system in Lithuania. They meet with students all around the country, and consult teachers and school administrations on democratic education, non-violent communication, emotional growht.

    Kristine Jacino

    "Engineering for children" educates children about the production and and the nutritional value of of food product in order to interest them in engineering. Through educational videos, books and workshops, they show children what equipment and materials are actually used in food production. The materials include representatives of different races and children with disabilities.

    Sondra Lampmann

    Animakool is promoting children education in the field of animation, multimedia and film. They want to provide meaningful and educational after school activities for children and youngsters and to develop their creative and technical abilities and media knowledge in our participants.