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    Scaling Readiness

    The Scaling Readiness Program implemented under this initiative will capacity develop 10 social entrepreneurs working across Central and Eastern Europe countries to scale their innovations focused on ensuring a more just and sustainable twin transition (green/digital) with special focus on empowering youth in these processes.

    Reach for Change will host two 5-day long workshops for SEs aimed at supporting group-based learning and mindset shifts. One workshop will take place at the start of the support programme in March 2024 and the other in December 2024.

    Throughout the SRP, the 10 SEs will receive regular 1:1 coaching from Reach for Change staff and external business/thematic coaches. This coaching will align with Reach for Change’s Development Tracker milestones and will culminate in the delivery of individualised scaling strategies. Where relevant, partners will connect individual SEs to relevant stakeholders in their network that could support further development.

    At regular intervals, SEs will be invited to join online workshops on differing themes. Sessions will be peer exchange-based or Q&As involving external experts speaking on a particular topic (e.g. access to financing, cross-sector collaborations). Eight online sessions will be held in the period from May 2024 to August 2025.

    Reach for Change will convene a pitch day featuring the cohort and a wide range of external funders and strategic stakeholders, who are in a position to support the SEs with funding and other opportunities post-project. Invitees will include venture capitalists, philanthropic foundations, EC representatives, and others within Reach For Change and Social Impact Awards networks. The pitch “day” will be a 2.5-hour long online webinar with interactive elements.

    Program Participants

    Czech Republic

    Martin Vitek

    MAXP offers a unique solution by providing a comprehensive, gamified program that combines skill development, career guidance, and direct connections to digital professionals.



    Maryia Hristova

    With matchmaking interactive AI tool we parnter with agrifood and biotech startups and build strategies for funding and scaling of global solutions.



    Oskars Grīslis

    We provide training sessions for children and adolescents, which contribute to the improvement of attention and concentration abilities, as well as working memory training.

    Intellect centers


    Ivan Lauc

    We offer a specialized platform for facilitation of development and scaling of short chains, designed specifically to help small producers sell to their customers and manage their operations in one place.



    Vihren Mitev

    "Ecological Manifesto - ManEco" works to inform, educate and empower youth and active citizens to be able to answer economical and social challenges in less populated areas in Bulgaria.

    Ecological Manifesto


    Gustavs Mārtiņš Upmanis

    We offer an innovative platform, revolutionizes job matching by presenting the most suitable job candidates and companies, allowing them to 'swipe' and interact, leading to 15-minute interviews and potential job contracts - all in one platform.



    Flori Ramona Enache

    We create accessible workshops in communities about topics with prominent level of applicability in daily life with terms which can be understood by each category of age.

    Stefanini Institute


    Antoniya Georgieva

    We enhance the skills of emerging researchers and students, giving them the tools to develop confidently in their field.

    Knowledge Access Organization

    Our Approach

    Young people across Central and Eastern Europe are facing limited access to opportunities for social and economic development.

    The world has entered a period of significant and unpredictable changes, including conflict, health crises (such as the ongoing pandemic), energy scarcity, and economic instability.

    Eastern and Central Europe is not immune to global trends and changes that have brought about both opportunity and uncertainty, particularly for youth. Now they have to adapt to political, economic, and technological shifts, as well as navigate the complexities of intensified competition due to globalization and higher requirements for education.

    While these changes have brought new possibilities, they have also underscored the importance of adaptability and innovation for young people in the region to thrive and contribute to their societies. 

    There is a new generation of impact leaders paving the way for a more just and sustainable future.

    These leaders are characterized by their courage, creativity, and a strong commitment to addressing the pressing issues of our time. They recognize the urgent need for innovative solutions and are dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities and beyond. They are pioneering change across various sectors, such as education, healthcare, environment, and social justice, while their approaches often leverage technology, social entrepreneurship, and community engagement to address complex challenges.

    However, despite their dedication and innovative spirit, these leaders still face significant obstacles in their journey. One of them is the lack of necessary support which includes funding, mentorship, and access to networks. These resources are essential for them to scale up their initiatives, expand their reach, and achieve sustainable impact.

    Future Forward is here to empower the next generation of impact leaders in Central and Eastern Europe.

    Within the project, two international organizations Social Impact Award and Reach for Change will join forces in providing capacity building and scaling support to impact entrepreneurs across Central and Eastern Europe, while at the same time mainstreaming the topic amongst young people,

    The main focus of the project will be the scaling readiness program focused on providing support for social entrepreneurs at an early growth stage and high ambition to scale. It is aiming to enable them to identify a viable model to scale their impact, and to develop a plan for a scaling pilot.

    The Scaling Readiness program implemented under this project is specifically targeting existing social innovations that support youth needs in the context of green and digital transition.


    Terms & conditions

    The document offers all the relevant information about the criteria for the applicants, the selection process and the schedule of the project.



    The project is co-funded by the European Commission. The implementing partners are Reach for Change and Social Impact Award.