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    Our 2023 theme

    Social innovation for mental health

    With mental health problems on the rise globally, young adults are left particularly vulnerable. Many can't get the help they need because it's either unavailable or too expensive, and the ongoing stigma around mental health stops them from seeking support. Social innovations and grassroots solutions have the power to transform mental health support. But they cannot do it alone. In order to flourish and scale, they need a nurturing ecosystem and cross-sector support.

    This October we are gathering social innovators, investors, experts, and youth voices for an insightful online discussion on the actions and innovations we need in order to revolutionize the mental health system.


    The event will be hosted virtually and is open to the public free of charge. It will be live-streamed on the website and social media channels of Reach for Change. Guests need to register in advance.

    Our event is supported by Nordic Talks, a series of talks and podcast episodes addressing the biggest global challenges.

    It started as an initiative in 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden which shares insights and inspiration on innovation and sustainability, and how we can work together to solve the pressing issues of our time.


    Braive - Norway

    Henrik Haaland Jahren

    The Inner Foundation - Sweden

    Annika Sten Pärson

    Fryshuset - Sweden

    Sabad Mohammed

    Singlestep - Bulgaria

    Anna Joukivskaia

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