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  • A pioneer gym for children with disabilities

    Sports play a crucial role in the lives of children with disabilities, offering a wide range of benefits that positively impact their physical, mental, and social well-being. However, in Bulgaria, there are few sports facilities equipped for the needs of children with disabilities. Determined to change that, Svetoslav Zahariev founded Zahariev Fight Team - a pioneering gym which provides adapted equipment and regular training sessions for children with disabilities and special need

    One of the children who trains in Zahariev Fight Team is a 6th grader named Simeon. He’s diagnosed with ataxia, and has impaired motor skills and coordination. During sports classes in school, Simeon was excluded and has been forced to be an observer and, at best, a judge, while other students get to play.

    Two years ago he started visiting Zahariev Fight Team’s gym in Ruse weekly and the change he experienced was incredible. His parents observed a huge improvement in Simeon's physical condition and his self confidence.


    His father shares: “Simeon had trouble walking and climbing stairs. We always held his hand because he would often stumble along and fall. Ever since he started training with Svetoslav he’s made incredible progress. The workouts have had a really positive impact on him. Now he can jump and run, and his cognitive development has greatly improved. He can even go up the school stairs with his backpack, all by himself. He used to be really shy, but now he talks more with his classmates, as he feels better about himself. He believes in his capabilities, and displays huge will and motivation to keep on training and improving. He even says he wants to be a pro bodybuilder or boxer someday.” 

    Svetoslav was the winner in the eighth edition of PROMYANATA and received support in the Reach for Change incubator. Currently, Svetoslav runs one gym in the town of Ruse, supporting 210 children in 2022. His aim is to scale his model to all big cities in Bulgaria.