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    Last fall the global incubator Reach for Change launched its Impact Goals for 2030; increasing its social impact tenfold and reaching 30 million children through support programs for social entrepreneurs. The Swedish companies, Kivra and Hogia, are now entering as new global partners, enabling Reach for Change to take the first steps towards these goals.

    The companies have chosen to link their sustainability investment directly to the business model, using the revenue from their digital service for salary specifications to go towards Reach for Change's operations.

    After 10 years of working with social impact as an intermediate between the business and the social sector, we know that there are high demands from consumers and employers to act as active citizens and not passive sponsors. It is impressive to see how Kivra and Hogia have innovated their sustainability work and included it as part of the business model. This is the new normal and we are really looking forward to working with these brave and forward-thinking actors, which will be an important step toward achieving our ambitious goals for 2030.

    Sofia Breitholtz, CEO of Reach for Change

    The Swedish companies Kivra and Hogia are new global partners to the Impact incubator Reach for Change which will be an important part of scaling the social impact that the organization achieves today. The support from Kivra and Hogia enables Reach for Change to accelerate the development of the business to achieve the Impact Goals for 2030; tenfold its social impact and reach 30 million children and young people, through support programs for social entrepreneurs. The work towards 2030 will have three focus areas: Reducing poverty (SDG 1), Reducing inequality (SDG 10) and Climate Action (SDG 13).

    We piloted our collaboration with Reach for Change two years ago through the initiative Bridgit, a global network of female tech entrepreneurs, and it feels fantastic to now take the collaboration to the next level. What makes this partnership so strong is that we have a common ambition and view of how we work towards a more green and equal society; to use entrepreneurship and digitalization as enablers. By combining our different competencies we can achieve greater change than by trying to do it separately.

    Anna Bäck, CEO of Kivra

    In addition to developing their positive societal impact through the partnership with Reach for Change, Kivra, and Hogia also challenge the traditional way of working with corporate social responsibility (CSR). The companies have chosen to give part of the revenue from their joint digital service for salary specifications directly to Reach for Change operations.

    Hogia and Kivra have a common core value in that digitalization is one of the prerequisites for society to be able to develop in a sustainable and equal way. Thanks to our joint digitization project, we can invest in other initiatives that accelerate that development. More than two million Swedes receive a salary via Hogia's system, so the potential to "do good" is great.

    Bert-Inge Hogsved, founder and CEO of Hogia

    About Kivra

    Half of the Swedish population (adults) use Kivra to receive mail and receipts digitally and the service is growing fast. Both with new users and affiliated companies, authorities and stores. Kivra is owned by 41an Invest (Karl-Johan Persson and Stefan Krook), FAM (Wallenbergstiftelserna), the board and the employees. For more information check the website . 

    About Hogia

    The Hogia Group consists of 30 companies in the Nordic region and the United Kingdom with a total of 650 employees. With software as a common denominator, the Hogia Group currently operates in three areas: business systems, personnel administration software and transport solutions. Read more at www.hogia.se