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  • Launching a unique toolkit for social entrepreneurs

    Reach for Change is now launching Toolkits for social entrepreneurs, with the aim to guide and support more social entrepreneurs, also outside of their incubator program. The Reach for Change Toolkits has been developed with support from the Innovation Agency Vinnova in Sweden and is a beta version of the platform.

    Developing the Reach for Change Toolkits has been a journey in deepening our understanding, learning from experts, and creating, building, and testing our ideas to better meet the needs and challenges of social entrepreneurs. A human-centered design approach sits at the heart of our way of working, several hours of interviews, prototyping, testing, and co-creating with our social entrepreneurs and program managers at Reach for Change have taken place. Toolkits will continue to develop and be updated based on feedback and needs from our great community of social entrepreneurs.

    Gayathri Rathinavelu, Program Manager Sweden

    The Reach for Change Toolkits have been developed based on 10+ years of experiences in selecting, coaching and supporting social entrepreneurs as they have sought to improve the lives of children and young people in 18+ countries around the world. The Toolkit is a way to support more brave and passionate social entrepreneurs towards building sustainable social businesses, and support the larger ecosystem of social entrepreneurship. 

    At Vinnova we are dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals. One important way of reaching those goals is to strengthen the work of social entrepreneurs. Which is why Vinnova has supported Reach for Change in developing their online toolkits for social entrepreneurs. It gives everyone interested in building a strong and sustainable social enterprise an opportunity to use the expertise and knowledge of the organization who has been supporting and coaching social entrepreneurs for more than 10 years.

    Judit Wefer, Program Manager Social Innovation at Vinnova

    The Reach for Change Toolkits is a platform for social entrepreneurs who are creating a positive social impact and can find guidance to support their entrepreneurial journey through the stages Proof of Concept and Scaling Readiness.

    For more than 10 years we have been witnessing a fast-growing demand for a set of tools that would allow everyone to question the concept, strengthen the idea, and build the right strategy. Together with Vinnova we decided to bring together all the expertise and create the website available for everyone interested.

    Hristina Popova, Global Program Manager

    To access the Toolkits you register on our special webiste. The registration is free of charge. We are looking forward to testing the platform rigorously and to improving it further.