At the end of September Reach for Change arranged its third session in our virtual event series entitled Partnering for Change Talks. This time we focused on Climate Action, and how social entrepreneurship and partnership can accelerate the speed towards a more green and climate neutral world. 

In order to stay focused and keep our eyes on the solutions it’s critical for us to reimagine know we want the world to look like. What kind of world do we want to raise our children and grandchildren in? We need to share that vision, articulate it, and work towards building it together. 

So for me it was a very powerful moment during our event on Climate Action when our moderators, Hanna, 13 and Kais, 12, shared their vision for the future. Now it is up to all of us, to make Hanna’s and Kais’ vision come true. 


By 2030 Hanna and Kais dream of a future where; : 

  • We live in cities that are powered by renewable energy such as solar energy, wind or hydro power. 

  • We live, learn and work in buildings that are green and heated by alternative resources that don’t harm the climate.   

  • We will travel a lot less. And when we travel, it’s by airplanes that use technology that won’t pollute, like solar plans or wind propeller plans. 

  • We only drive electric cars. 

  • We eat less meat and eat more locally produced food, or food that is transported by green ships.   

  • We buy much less.   

  • Packaging is no longer a thing and we see zero waste stores in every street corner.

  • Delivery is used differently, maybe through drones.  

  • We see solutions for the climate and they are being rolled out fast, and in particular we hope to see solutions that can replace meat and solutions to shift all transportation to green electricity.  


Watch the recording of the conversation with Hanna and Kais here.