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  • Promoting social entrepreneurship in Sweden together with Clear Channel

    We’re happy to share that we’ve just entered a long term partnership with Scandinavia's leading outdoor media company - Clear Channel. Together we have developed the outdoor campaign "Your idea - Our support" which will increase awareness about our work and promote local Swedish social entrepreneurs offering solutions for children and young people.

    In July, the first part of the campaign will run on selected subway lines and on the local train in Stockholm. During the year, we will produce additional campaigns that will be seen locally in Stockholm and on digital billboards all over Sweden.

    As a NGO with limited resources, this is a fantastic opportunity to reach out with our message to a wider audience. We're happy to join forces with a company like Clear Channel that has such a commitment to sustainability”

    Sofia Breitholtz, CEO of Reach for Change

    Sofia Breitholtz - CEO, Reach for Change and Claes Kugelberg - Chief Commercial Officer, Clear Channel

    Sofia Breitholtz - CEO, Reach for Change and Claes Kugelberg - Chief Commercial Officer, Clear Channel

    Clear Channel has a clear goal that its presence in the city should contribute to nicer, more dynamic and sustainable cities. Through its platform, Clear Channel wants to let socially important messages take place in the public space, reaching and engaging many people in their everyday lives.

    “With great opportunities to reach out, we also have a great responsibility to make a difference. We are proud of the opportunity to contribute to Reach for Change's important work for the future of children and young people.

    Claes Kugelberg, Chief Commercial Officer, Clear Channel

    Social entrepreneurs highlighted in the campaign

    The content of the campaign has been developed jointly, with Clear Channel supporting also with the design production. In the first part of the campaign in July, we’ve chosen to highlight four social entrepreneurs from our Swedish Incubator. One of them is Jasmin Nasser, founder of Studiegården - a leisure center with a focus on studies that fights for giving children and young people in socially and economically disadvantaged areas the same conditions to pass their schooling as everyone else.

    It feels fantastic to be part of this campaign and represent Reach for Change, which through their Incubator program enables Studiegården to better support the schooling of children and young people in our areas.

    Jasmin Nasser, founder of Studiegården

    The campaign also features Kassim Nagwere, founder of the organization Drömstort, whose activities are to promote social participation and prevent the potential of young people from being lost. The social entrepreneurs Josefine Hölling and Maria Svahn are also highlighted. Their organization Funki makes it possible for everyone to play music by creating instruments that everyone can use, regardless of intellectual disability.


    Follow-up campaign in September

    The second part of the campaign will appear on Clear Channel's digital billboards across Sweden in September. The aim is to spread the message about the possibility of applying for a place in Reach for Change's Swedish Incubator program to social entrepreneurs around the country.