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    Reach for Change Latvia has been chosen by the Latvian Ministry of Welfare as one of the partners in a large-scale cycle of social entrepreneurship activities under the name "Developing social entrepreneurship together!", financed by the European Social Fund.

    Between January and November 2023 in cooperation with other industry organizations - Latvian Social Entrepreneurship Association, association "New Door", and the social enterprise "Visas lespējas" - we will be implementing different programs, seminars, workshops and networking events for existing and future social entrepreneurs, local governments, investors and policymakers, young people, members of business incubators. The aim is to build their capacity, stimulate cooperation and develop the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in Latvia.

    One of the activities Reach for Change will lead is the Incubator program for social entrepreneurs. The eight-month program will take place from March to October. It will offer trainings and expert support, as well as peer-to-peer learning in order to help the participants improve their skills and expand their knowledge in areas such as effective solution development, financial sustainability, leadership, team building, and learn how to increase their company's income and find new opportunities and contacts for the business development. The program is intended for existing social enterprises that have acquired social company status in Latvia and is open for application from January 5th until January 30th here


    Reach for Change will organize four group consultations open to any interested social entrepreneurs with a status. The consultations will be focused on the essential elements of developing an effective social solution, leadership skills, and how to promote a social entrepreneurship idea. Participants will be able to ask questions about the upcoming Incubation program. Those who take part in the group consultations will also have the opportunity to apply for individual online consultations.

    After three selection rounds, five to eight participants will be chosen - application review, interviews, and pitch in front of a Jury. The highest potential candidates will go through another round of face-to-face group consultations in February to develop their impact, business model, and presentation skills before meeting with a Final Jury at the beginning of March. 

    Reach for Change will conduct additional consultations and educational events open to social entrepreneurs in May. In addition, from April until September, we will organize meetings with business incubators in order to provide them with information and facilitate a discussion about the importance and possibilities within the social entrepreneurship and social economy sector.

    For more information, reach out to: [email protected]