1 декабря 2021 г. 20:28:08

How does the Nordic Changemaker Landscape look like?

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On November 30th Reach for Change and Ashoka Nordics launched the insights and data from the Nordic Changemaker Map - a health check on the ecosystem for changemaking and social entrepreneurship in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

With the support of The Swedish Postcode Foundation, Vinnova (Sweden), Akademiet for Social Innovation (Denmark) and SITRA (Finland), we conducted a total of 205 in-depth interviews and collected 495 online surveys. A total of 541 Changemakers voices and ideas were uncovered:  361 social entrepreneurs, 45 young Changemakers and 135 organizations who lead collaborative change. Among the questions we asked were: what are their impact and financial models, what are the challenges that they face, what support mechanisms are most effective and what collaborations are most fruitful.

With the gathered data we created 4 national reports, 20 interactive digital maps (in partnership with Graph Commons) and 1 pan-Nordic analysis.

Explore the Nordic Changemaker maps and reports here.

During the launch event on November 30th, part of our fourth and final Partnering for Change event for 2021, we gathered prominent changemakers, partners and decision makers to share their comments on the results

Watch the recording from the launch here

What’s next:

The real impact begins now. The Nordic Changemaker Maps aim to:


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