8 марта 2021 г. 10:44:20

New capacity building program

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The initiative Women Leaders co-created by us at Reach for Change and Global Utmaning (Global Challenges) is now launching it’s capacity building program for female social entrepreneurs. The program will run for 12 months and include entrepreneurs from a selected number of countries in Africa.

Last fall Reach for Change and the think tank Global Utmaning (Global Challenges) launched a new initiative, Women Leaders, with financial support from The Swedish institute. The first phase was focused on research and a report uncovering the biggest barriers for female entrepreneurs in general and female social entrepreneurs in particular.

The initiative is now entering the next phase which is a capacity building program for female social entrepreneurs from a selected number of countries in Africa. The capacity building program is focused on providing the entrepreneurs with: supportive peer networks, peer to peer learning opportunities, advocacy participation, network building and leadership development.  The program has been designed according to, and influenced by interviews with female entrepreneurs. 

In addition to the program as a part of the Women Leaders initiative we will continue the advocacy work towards a more equal economic position for female entrepreneurs. 

Find more information about Women Leaders on this webpage . 


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