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With the current COVID-19 pandemic, our systems are being shaken to the core. Children and youth are especially vulnerable and risk of being left behind. Around the world, our network of social entrepreneurs is responding by developing health solutions, equitable education methods, and creating jobs for those who are most marginalised. Now, more than ever they need our help to scale up and help as many as possible - as quickly as possible. Find out how you can help us Mobilize for Change!

How our social entrepreneurs are responding

How you can join

Our community of social entrepreneurs need support to quickly scale up and reach more people in need. We are now looking for partners to step in and support this work today. Most urgently, we are seeking companies and foundations who can donate at this critical time.

Why you should join

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Support the front line innovative solutions and make a critical contribution to vulnerable groups and communities.

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Tailor your support to target e.g. a relevant geography (e.g. Africa, Europe or the Nordics)

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Receive visibility in external communication platforms including press release and interviews, social media

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Engage your co-workers and business skill-set to support the entrepreneurs.

Do you want to become our partner or you have questions?

Contact us and we will tell you more


Nina Miller
[email protected]


Madeleine Rosberg
[email protected]

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