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Helping social ventures

scale their impact

For the social ventures that are selected to join our Incubator program, we target the following short-, medium- and long-term outcomes:

Short term
(during the Incubator)

The social ventures have in place the strategy, processes, people, systems, credibility and connections they need to sustainably deliver and scale effective solutions for children.

Medium term
(within three years)

The social ventures have an effective solution, are financially sustainable, are operationally ready for growth, and have started implementing their impact scaling strategy.

Long term
(after the Incubator)

The social ventures impact a significant share of the children in their target group, contributing to fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In order to help our social ventures achieve these targeted outcomes, we tailor our support to their needs through a mixture of:


We offer advisory, technical training, mentoring, coaching and peer-to-peer exchange. We target our support across key development areas, with a particular emphasis on effective solutions, financial sustainability, leadership, impact scaling and system change.


We connect our social ventures to our local and international network of experts and funders, with the aim of creating opportunities for new learnings, partnerships, and sources of revenue.

Grant funding

Selected social ventures are offered unrestricted financial support, used for developing and delivering their solution and for strengthening the capacity and capabilities of their team.

In addition to access to capacity-building, network and grant funding, a place in our Incubator also serves as a stamp of approval given the highly competitive nature of our selections.

68 % of our social entrepreneurs in 2017 felt that Reach for Change capacity-building considerably or greatly* helped their organizations overcome key challenges standing in the way of their development. Zooming in we can see that:
64 %

of the social entrepreneurs felt that reporting to Reach for Change contributed considerably or greatly* to learnings about their organization’s results and progress. Read the full case here, about how tracking outcome results helped Catalysts learn how to improve the effectiveness of their mentorship program for Norwegian youth from immigrant backgrounds, who are at risk of dropping out of school.

84 %

of the social entrepreneurs report that they gained useful connections to people and/or opportunities through the Reach for Change network. Read the full case here, about how connection to funding helped Ordblindetdræning scale their impact and support 6,708 Danish children suffering from dyslexia.

85 %

of the social entrepreneurs considered the grant funding from Reach for Change as very or extremely important for developing their operations to achieve more impact compared to in 2016. Read the full case here about how grant funding helped CESER influence the system to reduce stigma attached to thousands of children with disabilities in Chad.

74 %

of the social entrepreneurs think that Reach for Change stamp of approval considerably or greatly* contributed to increasing their organization’s credibility. Read the full case here, about how strengthened credibility helped Beautiful Minds gain higher revenue, improve their financial sustainability and equip thousands of Ethiopian children with soap and knowledge about handwashing.

*This response is based on a survey sent to the 152 social ventures who participated in the Incubator program during at least three quarters in 2017, of which 76 % responded. The responses “considerably” and “greatly” correspond to the ratings 4 and 5 on a labeled scale of 1-5 (1 Not at all, 2 A little bit, 3 Somewhat, 4 Considerably, 5 Greatly).



With Reach for Change’s support the social ventures scaled their operations and impact.

68 % of the social ventures employed more staff
58 % expanded their geographical footprint
55 % of the social ventures supported more children
60 % of the social ventures gained more revenues


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