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During 2018, our social ventures supported 341,620 children and youth contributing to the fulfillment of mainly five SDGs.



Age. 96% of the beneficiaries were children under 18 years old, and 4% were youth 18 to 24 years old.

Support channel. Approximately 28% of the children and youth were supported in person and 72% through a digital tool, through parents or professionals, or through a product.

Another 2,501 children and youth were supported within sDGs 1, 11, 12 and 16 by 14 social ventures.


Our social ventures aim to impact children and youth in many different ways. The below split is based on the impact that our social ventures aimed to achieve in the short term, i.e. during activities carried out in 2018, ranging from lives improved to lives changed to lives protected.

A life improved in the short term can mean a life changed or protected in the medium term or long term. For example, the Bulgarian social venture Love Guide provides sex education to youth with one of the purposes being raised awareness about the importance of using protection during sex. In the short term this improves lives but in the medium and long term, for a share of the youth, this is likely to mean that unwanted teenage pregnancies are avoided (lives changed) or that serious STDs such as HIV are averted (lives protected).

In the below split, the impact targeted and potential- ly achieved beyond 2018 is not accounted for, so the largest slice of the graph is lives improved.




Lives improved

305,537 children and youth (89%) received support to empower them with useful knowledge, awareness, attitudes, etc.

Love Guide (Bulgaria) provides sex education to youth

Lives changed

30,670 children and youth (9%) received support to reroute them onto a better path.

Tolerancijos Centras (Lithuania) helps children suffering from obesity to a healthy lifestyle.

Lives protected

5,413 children and youth (2%) received support to protect them from a dangerous situation.

Umoja Wa Wawezeshaji (Tanzania) protects and frees children from slavery and child labor.


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