Daniela Sadikova & Boyana Kotseva


Daniela and Boyana’s aim is to provide acess to different types of sport for children with disabilities and other development problems trough equipment and trainings for adapted sport.


Every 30 out of 1000 kids aged between 1 and 16 years in Bulgaria has physical impairment, and one in every three has development problems. Because of different reasons two out of three kids are not able to do sport activities and at least one out of three has never had the chance to try. Additionally in Bulgaria children with disabilities are not widely accepted in society.


Daniela and Boayana will establish a seasonal sports calendar offering various sports programs specifically adapted for kids with disabilities, focusing on postural problems, obesity and physically or mentally impaired kids. The training clases will be availavble in small groups and will utilize different adapted eqipment specific to the sport or the child’s needs.Using the sport activities Daniela and Boyana will connect and involve the children from an early age so that they feel comforatble to particiapte in society as an able bodied person.The adapted equipment and sports program will give a chance for all the participating kids to improve their lives. Empowering the children is a step to chanign the attitude of the society towards people with disabilites.

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