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Belinda Hornshøj


Belinda Hornshøj has come up with the concept of HeartWork, a way of including social entrepreneurship in the public school system by making use of the interdependency between pre- or ground school children and senior citizens. The exchange of experience and close connection between old and young benefit all children and seniors - but especially those children that thrive less in the public school system and the seniors that are the most vulnerable.


The public school system is more often than not focused on standardized tests and fixed lesson plans. We seldom make use of the huge resources that can be found by letting different groups of people meet and exchange experiences, care and undivided attention.


By acting as coordinator and counselor Belinda and HeartWork wish to spread the knowledge of, and methods to, utilizing the untapped potential of letting different generations meet and form relations. HeartWork’s goal is to create an association where these fellowships can sprout and grow, all with a unified purpose of mutual enrichment and knowledge-sharing between the generations. Through her work, Belinda has, with her own eyes, seen how these communities of old and young have moved the socially and scholarly weakest of children, when demands are removed and the social relations and immediate necessaries for problem solving is crystal clear.
The scholarly weakest of children have suddenly been able both to read, write and initiate projects, all far beyond their tested abilities. Among the seniors even the most dementia-afflicted have lit up and have suddenly been able to remember otherwise long-forgotten anecdotes. HeartWork’s mission is to share the dual-sided gift this is, to as many as possible.

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